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FALCIS.r.l Hot Rolled Profiles Experience Efficiency Reliability

FALCI has been active in the special profiles market since 1965. They produce a wide range of hot rolled steel profiles to high dimensional tolerances and deliver to the strict time schedules demanded by their customers. Falci facilities can roll section from 20mm² to 600mm² in standard carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, and stainless steel. The service offered by Falci supports the customer through the design and prototype phases to assure the quality and cost effectiveness of the final product.

Falci Building

Falci facilities can roll profiles even in small quantity of 1000Kg. Since 2009 Falci has been part of the Calvi Network, a group of companies that is the world leader in the production and engineering of steel special profiles to meet customers specific product requirements.


Falci Hot Rolled Profiles

Intermediate sizes measured in tenths of a millimeter are available on request.


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