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Item # Cold Drawing Steel

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The process of cold drawing steel is a procedure by which metal is formed in order to achieve complex profile cross sections of excellent precision. After careful pre-treatment and descaling the special profile bars are drawn through a forming die. This operation can be repeated up to three or four times.

Cold drawing of hot rolled steel and hot extruded special profiles tightens the cross-sectional tolerances, thus leading to significant improvement in dimensional accuracy and surface quality. Cold drawn special profiles offer the same precision achieved by machining - but without the waste.

Cold drawn special profiles offer extensive advantages, among other things:

Technical Possibilities
Approx. Max. Circumscribed Circle Dia. [mm]200
Approx. Max. Flat Steel Width [mm]300
Min. Wall Thickness [mm]4
Max. Length [mm]11000
LengthUp to 11,000 mm (depending on profile cross-section), with sawn ends (fixed lengths by agreement)
Min. Weight [kg/m]1.5
Max. Weight [kg/m]120
Cross-Sectional Tolerances/ Straightness TolerancesDimensional tolerances by agreement up to max. 0.05 mm, depending on cross- section and materials Straightness tolerances and twist: 1 mm/1 m on supply length or by special agreement
SurfaceCold drawn
Materials / TreatmentsNearly all quality and stainless steels in the iron and steel list, special steels, non-ferrous heavy metal alloys
All required heat treatments are available