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Item # Hot Rolling Steel

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During the production of special steel profiles by hot rolling the input billet or slab is formed into lengths up to 70 m using two oppositely rotating cylindrical rolls. The products of this forming technique are used in a multitude of industrial applications. Hot rolled steel profiles offer innovative solutions whether it be for automotive, materials handling or railroad use. Hot rolled custom profiles are roller straightened and sheared into production lengths or sawed into fixed lengths according to customer wishes.

The advantages of hot rolled special profiles include, among others:

Technical Possibilities
Max. Circumscribed Circle Dia. [mm]220
Max. Flat Shape Width [mm]320
Min. Wall Thickness [mm]4
Max. Length [mm]19500
Cold Sheared Length [mm]±50
Fixed Lengths (sawn) [mm]±1.5
Min. Weight [kg/m]7
Max. Weight [kg/m]80
Cross-Sectional Tolerances/ Straightness Tolerances1.5 mm/m longitudinal camber 1°/m for twist, according to norms for comparable cross sections or by individual agreement
Plant TypeStandard
Mast Rails (fine tolerances)1 mm/m for longitudinal camber 0.5°/m for twist or by agreement
SurfaceAs rolled
Materials / TreatmentsMild, carbon and alloy structural steels or customer-specific alloys. Stainless and titanium are not available. Any other special treatment can be available by individual agreement.