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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Special Profiles?

Why Special Profiles?

How are Special Profiles produced?
Various methods are used in our mills:

Our different production processes enable the material to be formed in such a way that the resulting products meet design and budget requirements, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. The design of our plants makes it possible to produce even small quantities of special profiles economically. We produce special profiles in any form, quality or finish, to meet your needs . What can we offer in the way of further processing? We have now supplemented our range of manufacturing processes in order to provide and even greater selection of services:

How do you decide if you need special profiles?

At the earliest possible stage, it makes sense to stop and consider whether conventional production methods or special profiles best suit your design and budget needs. Our representatives will be happy to meet you to discuss your requirements and recommend solutions. Contact Us now for information on how our special profiles can work for you.

Where are Special Profiles used?

Special profiles from HOESCH Schwerter Profile GmbH are used in almost all areas of steel processing, both as structural elements and components:

Materials Handling, in particular Crane systems Mechanical Engineering, in particular Plant Engineering and Power Stations, in particular Construction Industry, in particular